Since 1995 Mike and Wendy at Otway Greening Nursery have been growing healthy and hardy Australian Native plants for revegetation, Landcare, agroforestry, landscaping and gardens in the Otway Ranges, Otway Coast and the Western Plains, specialising in indigenous species.

Based near Deans Marsh in Victoria, (open by appointment only) we pride ourselves on providing friendly, knowledgeable and quality service and advice to our wide range of customers (view comments).

We grow over 150 species of grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees for projects of all sizes- from small gardens to large farms and everything in between.

For landscaping and small gardens we have a wide range of plants for; beauty, attractive foliage and flowers; hedges and privacy; water wise and grey water/septic filtering; compliance to council regulations.

For farms, rural properties and Landcare we grow plants for; agroforestry and firewood; biodiversity and revegetation; shelterbelts and windbreaks; erosion and salinity control; native food plants; and carbon sinks.

We have the knowledge and ability to collect seed from all over the region. This ensures an extremely high standard of genetically diverse plants grown.

Hardy plants
All our plants are grown outdoors from seed sowing to selling. No hothouses or shadehouses are used. We grow tough plants.

We have a successful track record of growing many difficult species from seed. This helps to keep costs down on these species and maintains genetic diversity. A win for you AND the environment.

Local knowledge
We also have a vast understanding of our region- EVC's, soils, climate, etc. We can advise you of the right plants for your location or specific project.

Top-notch Technology
Our plants are grown in Lannen cell trays (for larger orders) and root trained tubes (for smaller orders). Air pruning within the cells reduce root circling and quality control and propagation techniques minimise the chances of j rooting. All this ensures quick establishment and a long life for the plants you buy from us.

Mike & Wendy Robinson-Koss

Mobile: 0448 605 919

Open by Appointment only